Our Story


Hello Beautiful People!  All Me to introduce myself, my name is LaKeisha Lockwood.  I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 14+ years of industry experience.  I am licensed to practice in the states of Maryland and Virginia.  Nailed by Key was established in June 2018 and birthed from my love for serving people, nails, art and cosmetology.  In 2022, I stepped out on faith and after 19 years of working for DC Government I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of working for myself and becoming a full-time nail artist.  I love what I do and I love serving my clients. 

At Nailed by Key we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service.  We provide a variety of services; manicures, pedicures, a variety of nail enhancements, lash extensions and more.  At Nailed by Key we are concerned about more than just making your nails pretty, we care about the health and wellness of your nails.  We take pride in educating our clients about proper nail care procedures and the variety of options we offer.  We are not here just to build a robust clientele, we are here to build relationships!  What happens in the salon stays in the salon, we are a safe place to relax, unwind and indulge in self-care.  

In addition to our services we also offer a line of all natural nail & skin care products, all natural hair products (coming in the fall), nail art & nail care supplies (coming soon)  and our custom press on nail sets.

For our nail and skin care products we offer all natural hand and body sugar scrubs, hand and body butters and cuticle oils. Our ingredients are 100% pure and natural. 

As a cosmetologist I'm constantly washing my hands and sometimes my skin would be extremely dry.  I created Nailed by Key, Hair, Nail and Skin Care products because I wanted products that were natural and moisturizing without all of the extra chemicals.  I wanted something to use on myself and my clients that I could literally mix in my kitchen with all natural ingredients.  A product that didn't contain a bunch of chemicals I couldn't pronounce and didn't know what they were doing to my body. 

I hope that you enjoy using these products as much as I do.

Live, Laugh, Love and be good to your hair, nails and skin!